About Us

Hi, my name’s Miles and welcome to my website.

Denise and Miles

My lovely wife Denise and myself, Miles

This is myself pictured with my lovely wife Denise strolling along one of the many glorious beaches that Devon has to offer. I’m 28 and Denise would rather me not mention her age but it won’t take Einstein to work it out if you decide to read on, and we’re both originally from Cardiff, in Wales.

I work as a long distance lorry driver (my name is quite apt don’t you think?) so am not as home as often as I would like and Denise is a stay at home mum to Charlie for the last three years. We originally met while both in the same class at primary school so I guess we’re the original childhood sweethearts and decided to move to Devon after spending brilliant holidays here together back in 2006 and 2008. We’ve lived here now since 2014 and moving here has been among the best decisions we’ve ever made together.

During my travels at work I often get periods of time where there’s not much to do, usually stuck in some far away lorry park or layby so have been making this website along the way. I suppose you could call it a pastime, currently at least.

So for now this website is dedicated to Devon and it’s history and everything it has to offer (there’s so much) I really hope you get something from it.